Multiplier Event in Italy

Each partner organization was obliged to organize one national event – they were held in each participating country separately. The goal was to present the results of the project – educational package for educator and online course for adult learners, both on the topic of sustainability, SDGs, and activism.

While presenting and promoting the results, we also held a debate on how non-formal education of adult at risk of exclusion can contribute to raising awareness on SDGs among learners, empowering and encouraging them to increase their social, political, and cultural involvement in their local communities and in their countries.

In Italy, the multiplier event took place on September 29th at the Ergot Workshops in Lecce. The event was designed to promote environmental education among adults and relevant stakeholders and to showcase the results of the project, disseminate the project outcomes and to engage the local community in SDGs education. The event attracted a diverse audience of university students, adult teachers, local associations, and representatives of the University of Salento. They had the opportunity to learn about the project activities, outputs, and impact, as well as to network and exchange ideas with other stakeholders.

The event was divided into four sessions, led by Gianfranco Gatti and Gabriele Cagnazzo. During the first session, Gianfranco Gatti presented a historical overview of SDGs, outlining its current situation in Italy and Europe. He explained the challenges and gaps that the project aimed to address through its innovative approach.

In the second session, Gabriele Cagnazzo introduced the Adult Education for Sustainable Living platform and the educational resources developed during the two-year project. He provided practical guidance on how to access and utilize the materials available on the platform.

The third part of the event delved into the concept of Impact Entrepreneurship and its potential for driving social change. Attendees engaged in lively discussions, exploring the transformative power of entrepreneurship in creating positive societal impacts in coherence with the SDGs.

The event concluded with an interactive discussion where participants shared their positive feedback and expressed their keen interest in the Adult Education for Sustainable Living project, highlighting the significance of environmental education in shaping the future of individuals and the planet.